At Conguitos we have been making the same recipe for more than 60 years and selecting the best ingredients
so that all products always have our characteristic flavor.

Do you want to know more about them?


It is our star ingredient, symbol of the excellence of Conguitos. Peanuts are selected, sieved and roasted to obtain the characteristic flavor of our products. The entire production process takes place in our Chocolates Lacasa factory, and this means that the flavor of Conguitos has remained unchanged for 60 years.


Thanks to Lacasa KKO Foundation, a non-profit project, we materialize our responsibility with the society of the main country of origin of cocoa: Ivory Coast.

Because buying at origin allows us to ensure the traceability of the product and the correct working conditions of all the agents involved in the process.


We use an exclusive blend of cane and beet sugar. Aware of the demand for products with less sugar, we have Conguitos 70% cocoa.


For years we have been using European milk so that we always achieve the same flavor and creaminess in our product.